Spectra D100, a mid-tower case for the price of a mATX case


The Spectra D100 is an ATX case that is worth more than what it is selling for, costing a mere $79.99 on Newegg.

The Spectra D100 is an ATX mid-tower case that supports a 240mm radiator or an AIO water cooler.

This case has many amazing features to offer for the amazingly low price of just $79.99, some examples are:

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  • 10 LED modes
    • Spectra D100 comes with four dual-ring RGB fans that have 10 pre-programmed LED modes to sync with your existing hardware with no software or remote needed.
  • Honeycomb-Mesh panel
    • This mesh panel allows for more than sufficient airflow to the entire case, along with looking amazing. This mesh design also allows for the LEDs from the included fans to be shown from the front of the case.
  • AIO liquid cooler support
    • This case supports one 240mm radiator for a liquid cooling loop or a 240mm AIO cooler, this means that you can water cool your CPU easier and have an easier time overclocking the CPU. 
  • GPU Block
    • This addition to the case helps with GPU sag, but having additional support to larger GPUs so that over time the GPU will not sag.
  • Front and rear storage
    • This case has two drives to the front left side of the case, so you can show off your faster SSD. This SSD storage position allows for 2.5" drives, while the larger rear storage has two drive cage slots to story either an HDD or an SSD.
  • Top I/O ports
    • This case has two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0, audio-in and mice-out jacks for ease of use.

The Included fans are arranged by 3 fans on the front of the case showing through the mesh panel and with one RGB fan on the back of the fan as an exhaust fan from the CPU cooling unit (if using an air cooler, for which it has support for a 170mm tall tower.

This case is an amazing deal for just $79.99 which is $20 off the retail price of $99.99, do be aware that this case is 470mm tall (or 18.5 inches), 440mm (or 17.32 inches) long and 210mm (or 8.27 inches) wide, so this case does take up a large amount of desk space or space underneath your desk depending on where your planning to leave your computer.