Spectacular Multi-Crew Mission From Arena Commander 2.0 Demoed in Star Citizen

Perhaps one of the highlights of the entire Star Citizen Gamescom conference was when a multi-crew mission was demonstrated live on stage. This is one feature that'll be making it into Arena Commander 2.0, coming at an unspecified date after Citizencon in October.

The following is perhaps a culmination of all of the different aspects of Star Citizen, aside from the release and inclusion of the FPS module of course.

The demonstration was decidedly short, but highlights the enormous scale of Star Citizen.

It was a very good demonstration of what's possible with the right type of teamwork in a game that has this much potential.  Everyone had their part, from piloting the ship to heading over to explore the dead ship.This demo wasn't necessarily just a pre-combiled demo made specifically for Gamescom, either. Instead this features a part of what we'll see in the Arena Commander 2.0 update coming soon.

More than that it shows how capable the CryEngine can be, despite having to have specially created workarounds for their particular issues. Those problems, that of space and the size of rendered areas in one instance, don't seem to be stopping the very capable individuals at Cloud Imperium Games. This isn't final by any means, but perhaps it'll help to

Arena Commander 2.0 is going to bring the ability to have absolutely enormous maps, and along side that will be the capability to perform missions of various types with your friends. Each person can play a critical role on the ship. From managing systems, to manning the guns. The particular mission show was one of inspecting a derelict ship, and thus being ambushed in the process.

Arena Commander 2.0 will have exponentially larger areas to explore with more than just dog-fighting. You'll be able to enjoy flying through a much more realistic representation of space. It's far more vast and perhaps more daunting.

Within there will be a a number of different zones, or arbitrarily sized containers of game objects where the action will take place. Arena Commander 2.0 will be able to recognize and render multiple of these zones to total around 125 billion cubic miles. There will be a multi-mile long space station in which you potentially can inhabit to interact with crew-mates before embarking on such dangerous missions. And of course there will be plenty more modeled within, with more details to be released as they get closer to release.


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