Specs Sheet Reveals AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series ”Barts” Details.

Hassan Mujtaba

The wait is over, Specs Sheet has been unveiled and reveals the specs and details of AMD's upcoming Radeon HD 6700 Series which is codenamed "Barts". Coming in two variants, The XT Variant which will feature the Radeon HD 6770 and the PRO Variant which will feature the Radeon HD 6750. The claims made by AMD look real which as said by them that the new GPU's will feature twice as much performance as the current cards. These new cards will have double the bit-width of the Juniper Core which makes 256-bit on both variants and same goes for the memory bandwidth which is twice as much. The cards also feature new technologies such as a more efficient 4-D stream processor design and the use of  key components such as the SIMD arrays split into two blocks. The Radeon 6770 (Barts XT) comes with a total of 1280 stream processors while the Radeon HD 6750 (Barts-Pro) comes with 1120 stream processors.

Some amazing bits, The Barts XT is able to do 2.3 TFLOP/s with GPU core at 800Mhz and 1280 Stream processors while the 5870 does 2.72 TFLOP/s with a clock of 850Mhz and 1600 Stream Processors. This tells that these new Barts will be able to take out most of the High End 5700 and 5800 Series pretty easily. Both the variants are equipped with 5 GT/s memory chips which run at 1250 MHz (5 GHz effective) while clocked at 050 MHz (4.20 GHz effective) on HD 6770, and 1000 MHz (4 GHz effective) on HD 6750. The smaller dies would result in less heat and power consumption which will put in some serious competition for Nvidia.


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