Sony Wants PS4 Feature Requests and Feedback


One of Sony's executives, Shuhei Yoshida, has appointed someone to take into account user feedback on the PS4. Toshimasa Aoki is very interested in what you think of the PlayStation 4 and what kind of features you'd like to see in future system updates.

Sony is looking for feedback on the PS4 and input on what features they should include in the future.

A recent tweet invites PS4 fans to give feedback as part of a program to connect to the fan base in an effort to be more proactive about the needs of the user. Already there are a flood of ideas being suggested, though not all are necessarily reasonable or system software requests. If your idea is reasonable, there's no reason why it can't be investigated and eventually even implemented.

The following is a great example of something that makes sense to implement. Why not? It would be fantastic for those trophies that are earned by repetitive actions. Another great suggestion was that of a trophy leader-board among friends.

This may be in response to the apparent lack of features compared to the competition upon release. The PS4 lacked some key pieces that were present and available even in the PS3 before it, such as DLNA and even MP3 support, to which customer feedback helped to drive the inclusion of one of those.

Getting feedback is one thing, but actually listening and accepting the criticism in order to improve the platform is a completely different thing altogether. Sony has thus far shown their willingness to actively listen to what the fans want and need in a console, and have responded in kind.

If you have a groundbreaking feature that absolutely must be included in the next update for the PS4, then tweet at Toshimasa Aoki to have it taken into consideration.