Sony: Would you want the PlayStation Experience Again?

Abdullah Awan

The PlayStation Experience this year has ended with lots of new releases and upcoming excitement in the following year. In the eyes of many this was a very successful event where Sony showcased its talent with games and the lineup it has consolidated for 2015. The amount of games released in the PlayStation Experience event when put together with the big titles they possess made for a very impressive event. They headline of the event was probably the introduction of Street Fighter V as a PlayStation 4 exclusive game which will not be introduced to Xbox platform. Another major showcase was the release of gameplay video of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End which is majorly debated topic in th gaming world and the introduction of trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight also caught a lot of attention.

Sony Wants to Know if They Should Showcase Another PlayStation Experience

With loads of people wondering whether Sony will take another run with a second edition of PlayStation Experience, Sony has asked the audience live on PlayStation Broadcast whether they want another version of PlayStation Experience. Sid Shuman, the Digital Communications Senior Manager for the company asked the fans to let them know if they wanted another one next year:

As for doing it again next year, I’d have to pose the question to you. Do you think this is something we should do again?

People had a great time, so tell us if you wanna see it and use the hashtag #PlayStationExperience. Let us know.

So if you want to share your opinion with the PlayStation team about the event and its feedback, just add a hashtag of #PlayStationExperience and tell them what you want to see in the next PlayStation Experience event i.e. if you want one in the first place.

PlayStation representative announced that “the whole company had a blast,” and to be honest, some of us did too. Simply the amount of games showcased on the event was overwhelming with lots of independent developers stepping up and putting their games up on display. What this means is that it is very likely that we will see another one in 2015 and quiet possible that it will become a habit for the PlayStation team.

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