Sony Reportedly Not a Lock for E3 2020, Microsoft Under the Impression They’ll No Show


Last year Sony threw a wrench into the normal video game news cycle, when they decided to not attend E3 2019. At the time, many assumed this would be a temporary thing, as Sony just didn’t have a lot of new stuff to show off in 2019, but it seems like it may become more of a permanent arrangement.

According to the folks at Video Games Chronicle, who have been a fairly reliable provider of inside info recently, some of their sources have told them PlayStation won’t be attending E3 in 2020, while others have said they could still be negotiating their return. Notably, it seems nobody has told VGC Sony will definitely be at the show. Right now, the issue seems to be very much up in the air.

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VGC has apparently spoken to the Microsoft’s Xbox team, and they’re working under the impression that PlayStation is again no-showing E3 and planning to take advantage of their absence. Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter also cast doubt on Sony attending, “As far as I know, they don’t plan to attend […] I hope they change their minds, but I am skeptical.”

Take this all with a grain of salt (particularly whatever ol’ Pachter has to say), but it would not surprise me at all if Sony no-shows E3 2020. Personally, I hope they don’t -- E3 has its issues, there’s no question about that, but I do think there’s value in all the top industry players coming together for one big event. We shall see what happens!

In the meantime, the big question remains – when will Sony unveil the PlayStation 5? There was speculation CES 2020 would be the big moment, but they ended up only showing us a logo. The next big event on the calendar is Sony’s annual PlayStation Meeting, which usually happens in February. If the PS5 doesn’t show up there, well, we’re in uncharted territory.

What do you think? Should Sony attend this year’s E3? And when will we finally see the PS5?

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