Sony Reportedly Making A 4K Gaming Capable Playstation 4 – PS4.5 Brings Upgraded Graphics & CPU Horsepower


If Sony is working on a new Playstation 4 console that can actually support to play games at 4K, then the Japanese tech giant will be another step closer to taking the lead against Microsoft’s Xbox One. Not long ago, it was reported that the company’s gaming console beat its closest rival by being the bestselling hardware platform during the month of February in the United States.


Rumored Sony Gaming Console To Feature Sufficient Graphics Horsepower For 4K Gaming – Dubbed An Odd Model Name Though

The latest info from unnamed ‘developer sources’ state that Sony has started working on an upgraded version of its PlayStation 4 gaming console. The upcoming model is not expected to be the successor, which has been named PlayStation 5, but according to the source, the upcoming product is going to possess a rather unusual name; PS4.5.

It is expected that the upcoming model is going to be able to support games on the granddaddy of all resolutions, suggesting that it will possess more graphical horsepower compared to the regular version of the console. However, the sources were extremely cutthroat because they did not care to mention any sort of hardware present inside the product that would be able to render frames at such a high resolution. Looking at current generation gaming titles, we would conclude that you do need a desktop class GPU to render a decent amount of frames on 4K, which brings us to the conclusion, will PS4.5 have a desktop GPU die incorporated inside?

If so, it is also possible that Sony increases the overall size and bulk of the chassis, since a lot of heat is going to be generated from inside the machine, requiring adequate airflow and space to properly dissipate it. The improved GPU in the new console will also help it enhance the games supported by the PlayStation VR headset which is expected to launch this fall. This move will obviously enable Sony to get better traction with products like the more expensive Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets. Both of these require PCs sporting impressive hardware to give out a respectable number of frames.

Right now, Sony’s PS4 can output 4K resolution for videos and photos, but maxes out at 1080p in terms of resolutions supported for actual gameplay. In addition to supporting a huge bump in resolution, the rumored PS4.5 will also allow developers to make use of the better performing GPU to produce richer textures and what not.


Keep in mind that while this is just a rumor, we have to wonder that with the timing of Sony’s VR products, it does seem like a possibility, but what is going to be the price tag of the console, if such a product does become possible? You can bet it will not cost the same retail price of $399.99 like the original PS4 was stamped with, but we want to know your thoughts on the matter, so let us know as soon as possible.