Sony Ericsson bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to Xperia handsets

Ammar Malik

The moment Android 4.0 was made official everyone had already started wondering when their beloved handsets would get the taste of Ice Cream Sandwich. Indeed it's a delicious dessert, something we've covered briefly. While no manufacturer has officially gone on record to say their line up will be updated, Sony Ericsson has made it very clear that their 2011 Xperia line up will be getting the taste of ICS. No details regarding the magical question 'when' have been let out yet but we're willing to bet it's sometime around early 2012.

Sony Ericsson has taken a stronger approach to updates following the Xperia X10 disaster with all their handsets getting updates on regular basis. Though it's almost a given for a recently released smartphone such as the Xperia Arc to be updated to at least one new version of Android, it's still nice to hear a company come out and make things official.

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