Sony Bravia HX803 will come packed with 3-D PS3 games!!

Sony recently announced that they will be adding 3-D support for their console in an upcoming firmware upgrade which will make current and future games 3-D so far the only known compatible LCD TV is the Bravia HX803, which as an added bonus WILL come with complimentary PS3 games!! which is quite a treat for the PS3 owner. The update will also allow movies to be watched in 3-D as well.

Sony said that its list of stereoscopic titles will include three episodes of PAIN, the full version of WipEout HD, a demo of Motorstorm Pacific Rift, and the full version of Super Stardust HD.

the HX 803 is the flag ship 3-D tv of Sony Bravia it will shortly be followed by the LX 903 which will have a refresh rate of up to 200Hz and will also be capable of 3-D gaming at a stunning 1080p resolution. This is most definitely a dream come true for many enthusiast of 3-D movie and gamers who are forced to use expensive options like Nvidia 3-D vision on the PC which has compatibility issues and is very expensive.

But now PS3 fans can enjoy stunning games like Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted 2 and even the ground breaking God Of War 3 in stunning 1080p 3-D!! I for one can't wait till the first review comes.

Source:  Toms Hardware

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