Sony can and will ban jailbroken PS3’s and release 3.60

Jan 18, 2011

Sony has taken the aggressive approach to gaming and is following what Microsoft has been doing for ages, banning users for running modified versions of official firmwares. Normally a PSN ban is issued to people who gameshare, abuse constantly over microphone etc but now the banning might just be increased to people who are running jailbroken PS3's.

A good move on the end of Sony I'd say, if Microsoft is able to ban modded consoles one way or the other it won't be soon until Sony has complete control over the issue, the upcoming firmware 3.60 will yet again add more security but this time the firmware will put a temporary halt to the number of PS3 hackers because the firmware has only been hacked up to 3.55 which is the latest version and with GeoHot under heavy litigation I doubt that 3.60 will be cracked any time soon in the future.

Source: SlyGamers