HOW TO: Solve disappearing games in PSN welcome back program UPDATED


Are you one of the many people facing a problem with one or more of your free things disappearing? thinking that all is lost? With this guide I will show you how to get your free games BACK.

  1. Exit PSN Store (i.e go to your XMB)
  2. Go to Account Management (At the very top of the PSN icon)
  3. Now open Transaction Management
  4. Find and open Service List
  5. Choose SCEA Promotion
  6. Choose your missing download(s) and VOILA PROFIT!


I was a victim of this bug and I was able to find the fix for this by an SMS forwarded to me by a friend, It works and I can guarantee it because it worked for me. DO share what free games you got, I went for Dead Nation and Wipeout HD + Fury (Already had Infamous platinum and didn't find Little Big Planet or Super Stardust all that good)

Small Update: If you keep getting errors while in the PS store DO NOT go back to the XMB instead navigate back to the store top / main menu of the store (Where you chose Welcome Back program) and try again, This works for when you need free PSN + stuff or if you have to redeem your games, while the PSN Store does give you errors those errors go away if you just do a simple refresh by going to the store top or moving back one menu by pressing X / O (depending on the region of your console).

I hope this helped 🙂