So, what have we done, so far?

Sabeeh Qureshi

Here is a concise update on the work that we've done on our new front-end, as of yet.

  • vBulletin user-table integrated with that of wordpress (WP - from now on), hence allowing forum users to post comments (using their own ids) and to 'vote' on reviews.
  • vBulletin login module is now being called on to WP front, in order to allow users to sign up and sign in, right here - at the frontend.
  • We're now using a rating system for our reviews. It consists of two parts; the first shall show you our own rating of a particular product, whilst the second rating module will take into account your (user) votes in order to rate a particular article that has been reviewed by us.
  • We've also implemented a comment rating system. You can now rate comments under each posted article, review or news item.
  • A featured items gallery shall show you our top five featured news items, reviews and articles.
  • SEO work is complete.
  • Most of the work on the visuals of the site is already complete, along with its assorted customizations. The reason you're not seeing it is because of a lack of content. As soon as we've got a few reviews injected in to the dbase, we'll show you the 'true' front-end of

And not to forget, I'm thankful to Sohail Abid (@selfexile on twitter) for his excellent work at enhancing site functionality and putting different aspects of the UI together. I've to say that even thinking about Pakistani web developers and designers left a bad taste in my mouth, considering the amount of crap that we've been put through in the last few months at the hands of several local developers / designers.

But this guy did, what he said that he'd do - within a single day. Props to you, my friend.

As for you; users, we still have got a lot of ground to cover. So stay put and enjoy the ride. 😉

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