Snowden Docs Reveal That Your Computer’s Motherboard Is Definitely Spying On You

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Dec 14, 2015

If you happen to be in possession of both a smartphone and a desktop (or laptop) computer, then it looks like even the larger machines are watching you with a close eye, thanks to the latest info stated in the Snowden documentation. Let us see till what lengths the NSA will go to retrieve the information that they desire.

Snowden Documentation Reveals That NSA Can Spy On You Through Your Motherboard’s BIOS – Let Us How The Security Agency Is Able To Make This Work

According to a source, a vulnerability is able to infect the BIOS of the computer through its boot loader. Despite the fact that you might be tech-savvy, but even you will not be able to tell that the computer system has been infected with this vulnerability because since the only way to do it would require a keen eye, and a very expensive electron microscope. Still, inspecting the physical part of our motherboard with our naked eyes will be fruitless to come to a conclusion that the latest vulnerability has found its way to our computer system, so we will get right down to the relevant details.

The source reveals that GODSURGE happens to be the name of the latest computer malware and it allows security personnel to monitor your activity, or more accurately, what exactly you happen to be doing on your machine. Security personnel will obviously not be able to monitor your activities while you are not connected to the internet, but as soon as you are connected to the World Wide Web, all the previous series of activities that took place while you were offline will easily be available to the authorities. Now, how is this any different from being spied upon from our mobile devices?

Snowden Docs Reveal That Your Computer’s Motherboard Is Definitely Spying On You

Since the vulnerability is found in our motherboard’s BIOS, we cannot remove it, unless of course you have the time to switch your motherboard and even then, there is no telling that GODSURGE would have infected the programming or not. Since the malware is not physically present on any portion of your storage paraphernalia, even if you erase every speck of data from your hard drive, the malware will not be removed and anti-virus programs will do little to help your cause.

It could all be a ruse at the end of the day, but since this is the day and age where you have little to hide from authorities when they start questioning you, it looks like some of us are going to have to be extra careful about our activities when using our desktop or laptop computers.