Skate 4 is Being Developed by a New Canadian Studio, Full Circle, Which is Staffing Up Now


After years of pleading from fans, EA finally announced that Skate 4 was in the works this past summer. Unfortunately, we haven’t really heard anything about the project since then. The announcement did hint that Skate 4 was very early in development, a concept/goal more than anything, but still, fans have been eager for more news. Thankfully, we now have a major update!

Today EA announced Skate 4 will be developed by an all-new studio, Full Circle. While this studio will be headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, EA says it will be “geo-diverse” with team members hailing from around the world. Here’s a bit more detail about the new studio

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Full Circle is a studio based in Vancouver, with team members around the globe, embracing a geo-diverse team and culture. We're all about having fun and making great games that people want to play with their friends. We're working on the next evolution of Skate, and set to deliver an experience that will embrace and build upon everything our community found special about the previous games.

Longtime Skate producers Chris "Cuz" Perry and Deran Chung will act as creative directors of the Skate 4, while Daniel McCulloch, who formerly worked at Xbox on Forza and Kinect games, will serve as the project's overall producer. McCulloch had this to say about his new venture…

The fans wished Skate back into existence and we want them to feel involved in the process from development to game launch and beyond. We want them to feel like they are a part of Full Circle. […] We’re looking for more developers to help us build compelling worlds for players to explore.

Full Circle is currently looking to fill a wide array of key positions, indicating Skate 4 is still in the very early stages of development. That said, the fact that EA is founding an entire new studio for the game is certainly promising – hopefully they do this game right.