Silicon Power Launches New DDR4 Memory The XPower Gaming RAM

Silicon Power (SP) introduced the XPOWER line of gaming DDR4 memory modules today. The XPOWER AirCool and Turbine DDR4 are designed and engineered to handle complex computing tasks with ease and ensure the most realistic picture quality, higher resolutions, and smoother 3D renders and transitions for gamers and modders. With the rising popularity of role-playing, first-person shooter, and massively multiplayer online games like PUBG and StarCraft, SP aims to give its customers the best memory upgrade user experience.

Silicon Power Adds New Lineup Of RAM the XPower

The high-quality RAMs feature speeds up to 4133 MHz at a low 1.4V power consumption. Designed to support the most dedicated gamers and modders, the XPOWER AirCool and Turbine DDR4 are the premier choices for a powerful and affordable memory upgrade. Both The XPOWER AirCool and Turbine DDR4 combine performance with compatibility and are both 100% tested for stability, durability, and compatibility in a range of rigs. As an added plus to kickstart a bold new direction for the memory storage company, SP has added a cool blue heat sink to the Turbine memory module to keep gamers safe from overheating complications.

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With an evolving brand and exciting releases on their product roadmap horizons, SP hopes to make a new name for itself as a serious gaming brand.

SP developed, designed, and brought the XPower RAM to market for not only computer builders and gamers, but also for photo and video editors, programmers, engineers, and designers of all types. SP's speediest memory module packs its power into a small 288Pin UDIMM size at an affordable price and comes with many features including:

  • 10-layer PCBs to ensure excellent stability
  • Meets Intel Extreme Memory Profile (Intel XMP) Standards and supports Intel Coffee Lake Processors
  • Lower 1.4V voltage applied to reduce power usage with improved heat dissipation to keep the computer running at low temperatures for higher stability
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty promising complete Silicon Power technical support and services
  • 8GB and 16GB single pack capacity available with 16GB and 32GB dual channel capacity kits available

Silicon Power seems to be using this product as a jumpstart into the gaming market and to expand from the storage market.

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