Signal Has Been Blocked in China as Social Media Crackdown Goes On

Furqan Shahid
Signal Has Been Blocked in China as Social Media Crackdown Goes On

China blocking Western social media apps is nothing new, and the Chinese regulators have now decided to go after one of the most popular chat app, Signal. Users in China have been reporting that the service has been down in China since yesterday. Signal's popularity rose through the sky after WhatsApp's privacy policy announcement. Millions of users moved over to alternative apps, with Signal being one of the main apps that attracted many users.

Signal Becomes the Latest Victim of China's Scrutiny

Signal is a lot better if you are concerned with privacy as it offers several options that are excellent for the more privacy-conscious. Options such as end-to-end encryption as well as zero ads or trackers are standard with Signal. Simultaneously, the app is pretty popular amongst the residents and activities in China, which is perhaps the main reason why the app is no longer functioning in the country.

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At the moment, we cannot say for sure if the ban is going to be permanent or China is just testing the waters. Like other apps, if you are still looking to access Signal, you can do so using VPN, and considering how VPNs are already so popular in China, we will not be surprised if people are already doing that. At the same time, VPNs are not the most ideal.

Additionally, there is no official word from the Chinese government or Signal, but we keep a close eye on the situation and update it as there is more information. If you wish to read the full report, you can check it out here.

There is no way to condone acts against such apps especially when freedom of speech is also being compromised in the situation. Let us know what you think about the situation.

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