Sideway: New York coming to a PSN near you

Jul 21, 2011

Sideway: New York made its debut at Comic-Con only a few hours ago, so far it is a side scrolling puzzle platformer but it comes with a twist, you are able to manipulate the graffiti on the walls to help you traverse across a unique world of spray paint enemies and bosses out to end you. With great graphics and what appears to be a good story to some extent this might just join the mile high club of other PSN exclusives.

Sideway: New York is straightforward, you are an average kid who gets pulled into the world of Graffiti on the walls of New York City. You use element IN the graffiti to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, climb and many other objectives but the main aim of the game is to escape the world in one piece and get back to the real world, with great graphics and a great gameplay mechanic with it the game is DEFINITELY one of the better arcade games which will come soon to the PlayStation Store. While I am expecting it to launch at the $10 / $15 USD price tag it could follow the usual trend of games on the PlayStation Store and be available to PlayStation Plus members at a discount on launch. While the release date of the game is still uncertain you should definitely wait for more videos of the game to hit the internet.