SHIELD Experience Software Upgrade 9.0 Brings App Updates for GFN Users

Ule Lopez
GeForce NOW SHIELD Experience

A new update for GeForce NOW users has come in the form of a new upgrade in the SHIELD Software Experience. The update is currently rolling out on all NVIDIA SHIELD TVs and will be available for TV users starting today. The update brings various quality of life improvements as well as new ways to work with the Android 11 Operating System.

Let's start with the QoL as the NVIDIA SHIELD experience has been upgraded with an updated GBoard that allows people to use their voices and Google Assistant to search and discover content in all search boxes. In addition, SHIELD also will add support for aptX-Compatible Bluetooth headsets for higher quality listening options.

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The new update also brings new app releases and updates to bring new and improved content to SHIELD TV-powered home theaters. Some of these new app releases include apps like VUDU, IMDB TV, and even Apple TV which will all have the capability to stream entertainment content at 4K HDR.

But now, we focus on the centerpiece of the whole update which is the next generation of GeForce NOW. The SHIELD 9.0 Update now brings new benefits for GFN members. Twitch has been updated to enable simultaneous gaming and streaming in high quality. Support for additional Bluetooth keyboards and mice has been added as well.

Now, SHIELD TVs can pair with official Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation controllers. So, anyone can bring their own controller to play games provided by GeForce NOW seamlessly. Additionally, if you are one to use controllers from third-party companies, the update also brings support for SCUF controllers.

With these QoL improvements, GeForce NOW users can now be assured that even SHIELD TVs can become highly-powerful gaming rigs with extraordinary 4K HDR graphics support exclusively on SHIELD thanks to the recently added GeForce NOW RTX 3080 membership. What are your thoughts on these changes? Do you own a SHIELD TV? Let us know in the comments.

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