Shenmue 3 Backer Rewards Showcased In New Screenshots

Shenmue 3

Those who backed Shenmue 3 during the game's crowdfunding campaign and the Slacker Backer campaign will get in-game and physical rewards, and today these rewards have been showcased in new screenshots and images.

Among the in-game rewards will be the International Tehephone Card, which unlocks exclusive conversations, Capsule Toys, a special jacket for Ryo and more.

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In-game Rewards

Backer-only International Telephone Card
Unlocks conversations available only to reward backers!

Capsule Toy Example

Dice Dude Capsule Toy Machine

Chibi You Capsule Toy (Did we get the likeness right?)

Chibi You Capsule Toy

Be a Lucky Hit!

Rows of Dreams Come True wishing plaques

Backer-only jacket for Ryo!

Why does this building say "Save Shenmue"?

Let's take a look inside...
There's some kind of display table...!?

The Shenmue 3 physical rewards include items signed by Yu Suzuki himself, a special case, t-shirts and more.

Physical Rewards

All 5,000+ signed by Yu Suzuki himself!

Backer exclusive case mock-ups.

Backer edition T-shirt mock-ups.

The artbook pics are finalized and ready for the printers.

Vintage Grab Bag goods will be sent in a special bag.

The picture does not do the 3-D artwork justice, but here is the Crystal Memories reward!

Shenmue 3

Flower calligraphy examples for the Temple of the Blooming Flower reward.

Shenmue 3 launches on August 27th on PlayStation 4 and PC in all regions.

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