Sharkoon Announces SKILLER SGK30 Gaming Keyboard

Evan Federowicz
Source: Sharkoon

Sharkoon has announced the SKILLER SGK30 Gaming Keyboard featuring RGB lighting alongside its incredibly durable design. This design utilizes durable mechanical switches with a textile braided cable, and these features allow this keyboard to last for years easily. Sharkoon's SKILLER SGK30 is currently available at the suggested price of £49.99 or roughly $60.

The SKILLER SGK30 Gaming Keyboard features a durable design with RGB lighting that can be easily customized at a price of roughly $60

Sharkoon's SKILLER SGK30 Gaming Keyboard features RGB lighting and an incredibly durable design, and this durable design is showcased through the utilization of Mechanical switches. These switches are perfect for casual gamers, prolific writers, and even eSports enthusiasts. This widespread support for a variety of different use cases for this fantastic keyboard. This keyboard features a length of 430 mm with a width of 144 mm and a height of just 35 mm. This lowered design allows for a minimalistic design, and this minimalistic design also improves the durability of the gaming keyboard.

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Source: Sharkoon

This keyboard can utilize either Red or Blue mechanical switches, which have an operating life cycle of 50 million keystrokes and an operating force of 45 grams. These options allow for much more customization in the type of key switches.


The SKILLER SGK30 Gaming Keyboard utilizes the downloadable software provided by Sharkoon, which can easily change a variety of different options. This software can save up to 20 different game profiles and allow users to map various macro functions. These twenty different game profiles can be easily customized through the use of Sharkoon's software.

This gaming keyboard features RGB lighting that can be customized, which can easily set your PC setup apart. This keyboard features fifteen different lighting effects that can easily be cycled through. This gaming keyboard utilizes an n-key rollover function, which allows for complex key commands to be easily recognized quickly and reliably. These keys also feature an anti-ghosting function. This keyboard features a maximum polling rate of 1,000 Hz.

The SKILLER SGK30 Gaming Keyboard is currently available now at the manufacturer's suggested price of €49.99 or roughly $60.

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