Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Can Be Played in First Person Thanks to This PC Mod

Sekiro First Person Mod

First person view can now be used to play Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on PC. That's thanks to a mod uploaded yesterday by Nexus Mods user Zullie the Witch.

Here's what you'll need to install the mod.

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A Cheat Engine 6.6 script for playing Sekiro patch 1.04 in first person.

To use this script, you'll need to:
1. Install and launch Cheat Engine
2. Attach Cheat Engine to Sekiro.exe
3. Load the script into Cheat Engine
4. Enable it by clicking the box next to "First Person Mod" in the Cheat Engine window, and then clicking the box next to "Enable"
5. Additionally, you can use the "Hide the Mortal Blade" option to keep it from clipping into the screen. It's strictly cosmetic and won't affect gameplay.

There are already a couple of videos showcasing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice played in first person view. The first one is from mod maker Zullie the Witch, while another is available in 4K resolution.

This isn't the first PC mod we've covered. We also reported on the 'Easy Mode' mod, which should allow players of any skill level to complete the challenging game made by From Software.

Indeed, it would be a shame for any action game fan to miss Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The game sold very well (3.8 million units as of June 2019) and it was critically acclaimed, too.

Here's the final excerpt from Nate's review.

Some issues aside, Sekiro’s overall flow and cadence is great. The game’s world has that familiar knotty, interconnected From Software structure, but it feels more open and less oppressive. Bosses are tough, but you’re nicely rewarded for defeating them with big new areas to explore or a helpful upgrade to your abilities. This is From Software’s most rewarding journey yet, and there’s a lot of journey to be had – Sekiro serves up about the same number of locations as your typical Dark Souls game, but it packs those areas with more challenges. This game serves up somewhere in the neighborhood of three dozen bosses. Expect a 30 to 50 hour adventure, depending on how sharp you’ve been keeping your blade.

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