Seasonic Introduces The SYNCRO Q704 PC Chassis

Evan Federowicz
Source: Seasonic

Seasonic has announced the SYNCRO Q704 PC chassis, a mid-tower ATX chassis with a tempered glass side panel, and a Seasonic CONNECT on the other side the chassis.  The SYNCRO Q704 PC case will feature a price tag of $150 by itself; the case sold with a 650-watt Connect PSU will have a price tag of $309. While the 650-watt, 750-watt, and 850-watt power supplies for this case can be bought separately for $120, $140, and $190, respectively.

Seasonic Introduces the SYNCRO Q704 PC case coming with a 650-watt power supply or just the case

The SYNCRO Q704 PC case is designed with PC enthusiasts in mind; this is shown in the tempered glass side panel and the high amount of compatibility offered by this case. This case's design is unique as one of the side panels features a tempered glass side panel, and the other side features Seasonic's CONNECT, which offers support for Seasonic's CONNECT power supply series. The CONNECT power supply series features a pop-out modular cabling spine with various other features designed to reduce any cable clutter inside your computer.

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Source: Seasonic

The SYNCRO Q704 PC case offers support for a graphics card maximum length of 345 mm, and CPU coolers feature a maximum height of 185 mm. This case also features a maximum PSU length of 280 mm. This Mid-Tower PC case features the ability to support any motherboard size from Micro-ATX to E-ATX and features a total of seven expansion slots. This number of large expansion slots allows for a variety of different PC components to be easily installed.

For cooling, the SYNCRO Q704 PC case has three Nidec fans pre-installed on the front panel, while the rear panel features a single 120 mm fan pre-installed. This PC case can mount three 120 mm fans to the top panel and a single 120 mm mounting location to the bottom panel.

The SYNCRO Q704 PC case, by itself, will have a price tag of $150, but the case with the 650-watt CONNECT PSU will feature a price tag of $309. Seasonic's CONNECT PSU series will be available for purchase as well, having three different capacities ranging from 650-W, 750-W, and 850-W, having a price tag of $120, $140, and $190, respectively.

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