Seagate Shows Off BarraCuda 510 and FireCuda 510 NVMe Drives At CES 2019

Seagate is best known for their spinning platter large capacity hard drives. While they're not wavering on that front with increased capacities that are approaching 20TB there is still a market for very fast smaller capacity storage.  Mobile users benefit greatly from battery life and responsiveness that NVMe drives offer and gamers or content creators can benefit greatly from the increased throughput whether it's loading into the game first or not being slowed down by storage when scrubbing through 4K or greater video files.  We took a moment at CES to look across the BarraCuda 510 and FireCuda 510 to see just who their target was and how they would benefit from either of these drives.  We walked away happy with what we saw.

BarraCuda 510


The BarraCuda 510 represents the more mainstream options of the two high performance NVMe drives.  Coming in at capacities of 256GB and 512GB puts it in a good spot as a mobile replacement drive or a higher volume OS drive to start a system with.  Offering nearly as fast as the FireCuda read speeds means you'll not lose much performance on that front, but writes are significantly reduces.  A 5 year warranty keeps it with a bit of peace of mind that goes with the Seagate namesake.

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FireCuda 510


The FireCuda is the big boy, the high performance computing loving super fast storage solutions for those who don't want to worry with multiple drives.  Coming in very large capacities of 1TB and 2TB there should be enough room for most anyone on these double sided speed demons.   For those who demand the fastest that Seagate has to offer this is what you're going to be looking for.  These are being marketed directly to gamers and creative professionals who definitely benefit from the faster read/write speeds that the FireCuda 510 deliver.

Seagate NVMe Drives

 BarraCuda 510FireCuda 510
Form FactorM.2 2280 Single SidedM.2 2280 Double Sided
InterfacePCIe Gen3x4 NVMEPCIe Gen3x4 NVME
Max Sequential Read3400MB/s3450MB/s
Max Sequential Write2100MB/s3200MB/s
Capacity256GB, 512GB1TB, 2TB
Limited Warranty5 Years5 Years


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