Sea of Thieves is Sailing Onto Steam Soon, Crossplay With Other Versions Confirmed


In recent months Microsoft has really begun to embrace Steam, releasing major titles like Gears 5 and their recent Age of Empires remasters via the popular storefront, and yet, there’s been one major holdout. Microsoft’s most successful new IP of this past generation, Sea of Thieves, has yet to appear on Valve’s platform. Well, that’s about to change.

A Sea of Thieves Steam page popped up this morning, and Microsoft has confirmed Rare’s multiplayer pirate adventure is “coming soon” to the platform

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For two years, pirates across the globe have set out in their droves to uncover the mysteries of the Sea of Thieves. Brave buccaneers have taken on Megalodons, repelled the killer Kraken and looted skeleton-filled Forts, forging their names into legend. More than 10 million unique players have already embarked upon this search for adventure, treasure and glory, and soon we’ll be opening the gilded gates to welcome in Steam users!

We’re genuinely thrilled to bring Sea of Thieves to Steam, and look forward to welcoming the Steam community to our game so we can share a grog and a shanty together and hear the tales of their adventures! We’re happy to confirm that cross play will allow Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam users to adventure together when Sea of Thieves launches on Steam, letting you assemble your perfect pirating crew, whatever their preferred platform.

After a somewhat rocky start, Rare has gradually transformed Sea of Thieves into a very solid online experience. The game has settled into a regular update schedule, with new content, challenges, and rewards added every month. Hopefully hitting Steam will expand the game’s playerbase even further!

Sea of Thieves is available now on PC via the Microsoft Store and Xbox One. The Steam release of the game is “coming soon.” Anybody planning to grab the game once it hits Valve’s platform?