Sea of Thieves Microtransaction Store Coming Soon, Rare Promises to Never Sell Loot Boxes

Sea of Thieves

While there are various legitimate criticisms to make against Rare’s Sea of Thieves, you can’t say the game has been over-monetized. Until now, the game has been free of microtransactions and other such nickel and diming, but it couldn’t last forever. Rare has always said they were planning a microtransaction store, and it seems it’s finally going to be launching soon. Sea of Thieves executive producer Joe Neate discusses the upcoming microtransactions store, and some of the premium goodies it will sell, in the game’s latest developer update. Check it out below. 

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Neate took the time to assure Sea of Thieves fans that Rare won’t be taking an exploitative approach to its microtransactions...

We never [want] to do anything that provides any sort of power advantage or anything. We're never going to sell any sort of power in Sea of Thieves. We're never going to sell anything that separates players. We love people being together in Sea of Thieves and that same idea applies to our digital business. We want it to be completely optional, so you don't have to buy into this if you don't want, and we want you to know what you're going to be buying, so there will never be any kind of loot box mechanic that's hidden away from you. Those are our principles.

So what will Rare be selling? For now it will be limited to pets, emotes, and new ship cosmetics. The ship cosmetics will be specially-themed sets that celebrate favorite Rare and Microsoft characters and franchises. Pets will hit Insider testing later this week, and the store should enter testing shortly after that. Once they’ve been found to be ship-shape, the digital store will roll out to all Sea of Thieves players. 

Sea of Thieves is available now on PC and Xbox One. The game recently dropped “Black Powder Stashes,” the first of several monthly updates. You can get the details here.

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