SD 8.0 Specification Offers Significant Boost In Transfer Speeds


The newest SD specification called the SD 8.0 Specification, this specification offers a significant boost to transfer speeds by using the newer PCIe 4.0 specification which can deliver up to 4 Gigabytes per second. This faster specification was released last Tuesday and features a faster speed of 3,940 MB/s.

SD 8.0 Specification has been released by the SD Association and features a transfer speed of up to 3,940 MB/s

The SD 8.0 Specification features a four times increase in speed from the current standard SD Express Card of 985 MB/s and is an even larger increase when compared to the UHS-III SD card which features an SD card 624 MB/s.

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"SD Express' use of even faster PCIe and NVMe architectures to deliver faster transfer speeds creates more opportunities for devices to use SD memory cards, This combination of trusted and well-known technologies makes it easier for future product designs to leverage the benefits of removable storage in new ways." said Mats Larsson, Senior Market Analyst at Futuresource.

This increase is a perfect addition to any Content Creator that utilizes a camera to record themselves or the world around them. Many Content Creators utilizes a camera which records the video or photo to an SD card and one big bottleneck has always been the transfer speeds that these cards offer.

"By dramatically increasing the speeds for SD Express we're giving device manufacturers and system developers more storage choices, SD 8.0 may open even more opportunities for extra high-performance solutions using removable memory cards." said Hiroyuki Sakamoto, SDA president.

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One requirement for these SD cards is that they will require a card reader that supports two PCIe 4 lanes if your card reader doesn't make use of PCIe 4 lanes, then these cards will have its speed cut in half to just below 2 GB/s (1,920 MB/s). This speed is still significantly faster when compared to Current SD Express cards or UHS-III SD card.

These SD cards are able to offer these significant increase in speeds due to the new pin layout on the back of the cards. This new pin layout will also feature backward compatibility with older card readers. This new pin layout also features two reserved areas for future pins.

While the SD Association has announced the newest SD specification, SD cards that support this newer specification may not be available for quite a while.