Save $500 on Samsung’s 43-Inch Rotating Sero 4K Mobile TV


Samsung Sero 4K QLED TV promo is back after quite a long time, getting you an instant $500 discount. The Sero caters to a niche market of gaming and television enthusiasts along with Millenials- and Gen Z-focused stores and cafes, offering a rotating screen so you can watch your favorite content or advertise, whether it's in portrait or landscape.

Ever wish you could watch your favorite mobile content full screen on your TV? The all-new Sero makes that dream a reality.

Mobile Entertainment, Better on TV: Get Sero for $1,499.99

If you have been eyeing this TV, now is a good time to get it at a discount. With free shipping and easy returns, you can buy The Sero for just $1,499.99 (instead of $1,999.99) and try it with Samsung's 100-day, risk-free trial offer. Designed exclusively for those who tend to mirror mobile content on TV a lot, The Sero offers you a true mirroring experience without any black bars for the best viewing perspective.

Also perfect for stores, cafes, and pubs, 43" Samsung Sero TV can go from an art piece to a promotional display to a viewing screen.

Samsung's The Sero TV also works with AirPlay, which means you can stream or share content directly from Apple devices to the big screen. Just like any of the other high-end TVs from Samsung, The Sero also helps you make your TV match with the surroundings whenever you aren't using the screen with one of five modes: poster, clock, photo, sound wall, or Cinemagraph.

This unique display comes with wheels, making it extremely easy to move it around to help your content always be with you on a big screen. Perfect buy for the post-lockdown, post-vacc world, right?

For more details and technical specs, head over to the product page. 

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