Save 21% on this Dual USB-C Port Desktop Charger from Anker

Uzair Ghani
Save 21% on Anker desktop charger with dual USB-C ports.

Anker is selling a dual USB-C port desktop charger for a low price of just $51.99. This deal saves you 21% instantly.

Charge your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook all at Once with this Dual USB-C Port Desktop Charger from Anker

Just like any other great deal, this one does not require any discount code or coupon, but it does require you to be quick since this is a limited time offer only.

Buy Anker USB C Charger, 543 Charger (65W II), PIQ 3.0 & GaN 4-Port Slim Fast Wall Charger - Was $65.71, now just $51.99

There are plenty of great desktop chargers out there but none of them are like what Anker ships. The one on sale is a prime example what a desktop charger should be.

The Anker 543 65W II features dual USB-C ports. One port is capable of pushing 20W of power, which is perfect for devices like the iPhone and iPad while the second port can deliver up to 45W of power which is more than enough to charge a laptop at a decent pace.

You also get multiple USB-A ports as well, allowing you to charge up devices like the AirPods, Apple Watch or maybe even a small accessory. The point is, you get a complete range of ports to work with and this charger is so great, you can leave everything behind and take this with you on your next backpack trip.

If you're looking for one charger to charge everything at once, then Anker has your back here. It's always nice to put some order into cable chaos.

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