Save $100 on Midnight M2 MacBook Air

Uzair Ghani
Save $100 on M2 MacBook Air

You have a solid chance to save $100 on the new M2 MacBook Air in Midnight finish. It's the best color around and you can't argue against it.

Upgrade to the M2 MacBook Air in Midnight with 256GB Storage and 8GB RAM and Save $100

If you are looking for a computer that does it all with solid battery life then you don't have to look further than Apple's very-own Mac laptop lineup. But, the MacBook Air from that lineup stands out the most thanks to its extreme portability and design. Right now, it's discounted by $100, making it a super tempting deal compared to what it already is.

Buy 2022 Apple MacBook Air Laptop with M2 chip - Was $1,199, now just $1,099 

Available in the brand new Midnight finish, this laptop is super stealthy to begin with. In fact, there's no MacBook Air branding on the notebook anywhere, making this an extremely low key computer. But, don't let that fool you in any way at all, because this notebook is extremely fast thanks to the new M2 chip.

You also get a new and improved display which is 100 nits brighter than the previous generation Air. You also get the notch at the top that features an improved FaceTime camera and rounded corners for a more modern feel.

MagSafe charging support is also available with the new MacBook Air. If you ever see your foot get tangled in the charging cable, you can rest assured that your notebook won't go flying away across the room. You also get the option to charge the notebook using USB-C as well.

Last but not the least, you get 18 hours of battery life in total, making this a notebook which will keep up with your work and you don't have to take your charger with you either.

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