Save $100 on a Brand New 10.2-inch iPad Right Now with Wi-Fi + Cellular [Update: Deal from $249]

Uzair Ghani
10.2-inch iPad 7 is currently $100 off on Amazon

You can go ahead and save $100 on a brand new 10.2-inch iPad from Apple, complete cellular capabilities. Warning: it's selling fast.

The 10.2-inch iPad from Apple is Currently $100 Off with Cellular Capabilities, 128GB Storage, Space Gray

Apple's entry-level iPad has everything you need to get into the world of tablets and even has features if you want to take things to a whole new level, such as the Smart Connector. Starting at just $329, the tablet is pretty cheap to begin with, if you are opting for the 32GB model with Wi-Fi. But today, you can save $100 on one of the variants, more specifically the 128GB one with cellular capabilities, allowing you to have data with you at all times, so you don't have to remain tethered to your phone or hunt down a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Thanks to its support for iPadOS and Apple Pencil, you can jot down notes without having to scramble your fingers on an on-screen keyboard. iPadOS also means that you can use this tablet as a laptop replacement, and with the Smart Keyboard accessory, that is absolutely possible in this day and age.

You get a nice, large 10.2-inch Retina display that is sharp, and is perfect for viewing content or even creating it. Thanks to the high resolution display, your Netflix and YouTube sessions will look ultra-crisp as well.

This particular model with cellular is highly recommended for anyone if you want to experience the iPad in its truest form. The ability to have a tablet connected to the internet at all times and not have to worry about Wi-Fi is nothing short of amazing in our books.

The stock is extremely limited and the tablet is backordered at this point in time. But, you can place your order in at a discount and hopefully have the tablet shipped to you some time in February.

Buy New Apple iPad (10.2-Inch, Wi-Fi + Cellular, 128GB) - Space Gray (Latest Model) - Was $559, now just $459

Update: You can pick up the base model iPad for just $249 right now.

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