Saurik Has Released Cydia Update 1.1.28 Beta For iOS 10 Jailbreak


If you're into jailbreaking and you're following all the recent news, you must know that Apple has patched the Prometheus tool hack. The tool basically allowed users to downgrade or upgrade their iOS firmware. Even though the tool lived short, those who had taken advantage of it and have jailbroken their iOS devices are the lucky ones. Users who have jailbroken their iOS 10.1.x devices using Yalu jailbreak have experience a number of issues with Cydia. To address these issues, Saurik has now released the third beta of Cydia update version 1.1.28. Let's see some more details on it.

Cydia Update To 1.1.28 Released, Fixes Issue Present In Beta 1

A common problem in Cydia after iOS 10.1.x Yalu jailbreak is it crashing when a user attempts to respring after installing a tweak. The latest Cydia build also fixes a problem which was present in the first beta. Those packages whose description was written in non-English format would appear as ?'s. Henceforth, the recently released Cydia build solves this issue as the description now appears in non-English characters.

This depicts that Saurik is also working on fixing all other issues in Cydia as well. The hacker has mentioned multiple times that he is aware of all the issues prevailing in Cydia and is working to fix them as soon as possible. If you have jailbroken your iOS device using Yalu jailbreak tool, then be sure to install the latest Cydia build. If you're new to the whole jailbreak frenzy, we will let know how you can update Cydia to the latest build.

The first thing that you have to do is launch the Cydia app and then head to the Source tab. Now, tap on Edit and add the following URL

The next thing that you have to do is press the Add button to add the repo to Cydia. Now, in the Changes tab, you will see three new upgrades by the names of "Cydia Installer", "Tape Archive" and "Debian Package". Then tap on the Upgrade button located in the top right corner of the Changes tab and install the upgrades. Once you're done, respring your device.

This is it to update Cydia on the  latest build. We are sure that Saurik will release new updates in the near future to address the remaining issues. As for now, have you jailbroken your iOS device yet? Let us know in the comments if the Cydia update makes the jailbreak experience more smoother for you.