Samsung’s Fastest Consumer SSD, the 990 PRO, Is Available to Pre-order, Starting From $189.99

Omar Sohail
Samsung’s Fastest Consumer SSD, the 990 PRO, Is Available to Pre-order, Starting From $189.99

The Samsung 990 PRO can be pre-ordered from Amazon and will be available in the 1TB or 2TB storage versions. In terms of speeds, and efficiency, this is the Korean manufacturer’s fastest consumer SSD, with blistering fast read and write speeds while touting a high endurance rating. According to the listing, the product will be released on January 16, 2023, so you can either pre-order it right now, or wait until it is officially available.

This version of the Samsung 990 PRO comes with a heatsink pre-installed, so you can easily install it in your PS5. However, some motherboards and gaming laptops feature their own heatsinks, so you will have to remove the one present on it, otherwise, you will run into space compatibility issues. When you are finished installing the SSD, prepare yourself for some unrivaled speeds.

Even though this M.2 drive supports the PCIe Gen 4.0 standard, Samsung says that the random read/write speeds are 40 percent/55 percent faster than the 980 PRO. System responsiveness should also improve as this SSD boasts up to 1400K/1550K IOPS, with sequential read/write speeds going up to a whopping 7,450/6,900MB/s. Samsung also says that users can enjoy up to 50 percent improved performance-per-watt over 980 PRO, so temperatures should be about the same.


Another reason why customers pay a premium to own one of these is Samsung’s seamless Data Migration software. If you have not heard of it, the program allows you to transfer your data from an existing drive onto the 990 PRO, so you will definitely feel your system or laptop is snappier the next time you power it on. All these improvements mean you have to pay a premium, as the 1TB model costs $189.99, while the 2TB variant will set you back by $309.99. Then again, if you desire to have the absolute best in consumer storage, this is what you will have to fork over for it.

Pre-order the Samsung 990 PRO with heatsink from Amazon (1TB for $189.99, 2TB of $309.99)

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