Samsung’s EVO Select 256GB microSD With 4K-Ready Status, 100MB/s Read Speed Is Down to an Insane $34


The microSD standard is ubiquitous with a lot of products, ranging from smartphones, cameras, drones, you name it. However, high-performance and reliable cards don’t come cheap, but there are times when there’s a deal so good, you simply cannot let it go. Here’s the Samsung EVO Select microSD card with 256GB of storage, giving you increased capacity no matter which gadget you decide to insert it in.

It’s not just that the EVO Select microSD card features ample capacity, it’s the fact that it’s both fast, reliable. Thanks to its 4K-ready status when it comes to recording video, the EVO Select can effortlessly read data at 100MB/s and write data at 90MB/s, making it ideal if you want to capture high-resolution footage, store a lot of images, or simply carry around your entire music or video library wherever you go.

When it comes to reliability, Samsung claims that its 256GB EVO Select microSD card is waterproof, temperature proof, X-ray proof, and magnetic proof, so you’re getting protection from a variety of situations. Also, if that wasn’t enough for you, perhaps a 10-year limited warranty will put more confidence in your purchase.

For $34, a 256GB high-speed microSD is definitely a steal and if you’re looking to increase the overall capacity, this is going to be the ideal pick for you. However, there’s no telling how many are left in stock, so you’d best hurry.

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