Samsung’s 2TB 970 EVO Plus SSD Is Down to Its Lowest Price Yet

Omar Sohail
Samsung’s 2TB 970 EVO Plus SSD Is Down to Its Lowest Price Yet

An M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD purchase is one of the best decisions you can make for your laptop or desktop computer to make both machines effortlessly snappy. Unfortunately, the higher-capacity drives are not exactly budget-friendly, but we have something for our readers that will change that perspective. Samsung’s 970 EVO Plus with 2TB of storage is down to just $179.99, making it the lowest price that we have seen in an extremely long time. Those who find the price a little expensive can go for the 1TB version, which costs $99.99 on Amazon.

In terms of value, though, the 2TB version of the 970 EVO Plus gives more GB per dollar, so if you can, raise your budget by a little bit, and you will not have to complain again. As for speeds, since this solid state drive supports an older PCIe Gen 3 standard, it can peak out at up to 3500MB/s in sequential read and 3300MB/s in sequential write speeds. Those speeds are slower than the PCIe Gen 4 standard, but truth be told, you will rarely see those differences during real-world use. If it is more storage that you are after, save a little money and go for this one.

We say this because PCIe Gen 4 PCIe NVMe solid state drives are more expensive. The 970 EVO Plus uses the M.2 2242 form factor, meaning it will easily fit in your modern-day laptop or desktop, just as long as they have an available M.2 slot available. Installation is also straightforward, as you will find out when watching multiple tutorials. For the 2TB version of the 970 EVO Plus, you get a 5-year limited warranty and 1,200TBW (terabytes written), so by the time this SSD’s lifespan is used up, you will probably be searching for another upgrade.

One major advantage of switching to a Samsung-branded SSD is how seamless it becomes to transfer your data from one drive to another using the company’s Data Migration software. The program is as simple as they come, and the program is free to use. So how about it? A 2TB 970 Plus for $179.99 is not a bad deal, so hurry up before those prices increase.

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