Samsung to Use EV Battery Production Technique to Create Energy-Dense Batteries for Smartphone


Samsung is planning to use a new kind of battery production technique which is usually implemented by electric car makers. The new technology will make it possible for Samsung to create batteries that occupy less space and offer more power. While the company will be the one to test and develop it, other smartphone manufacturers like Apple could also adapt it for their smartphones. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

Samsung's Forthcoming Battery Technology Could Boost The Battery on the iPhone

According to a new report by The Elec, Samsung SDI, the company's battery and energy department is looking to use an EV battery production technique for manufacturing energy-dense batteries for smartphones and tablets. Currently, smartphone batteries are made with a jellyroll method and the company is seeking to implement the EV method. The EV method would allow the battery material to be stacked in layers which will offer a 10 percent increase in battery density. What this means is that the battery could offer more power without taking extra space. In addition, if a company wishes to keep the battery density the same, it can help save space.

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New Samsung Battery Technology for Apple iPhone

The report states that Samsung is working to modify the production lines in South Korea to bolster the new battery technology. The Elec also suggests that Samsung could be looking to gain orders from Apple in the future. This is not a new approach from the company since the Samsung SDI division already supplies Apple with batteries for the iPad and MacBook models. However, Apple has never incorporated Samsung-made batteries in the iPhone before.

It remains to be seen if Samsung will supply Apple with batteries for the iPhone. Moreover, there is no word when we can see the new energy-dense batteries come to life. We will share more details on the subject as soon as further information is available.

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