Samsung Taking Apple Back to Court for $400 Million in Damages for Ripping Off iPhone Design


If Apple is not worried about Qualcomm attempting to ban iPhone sales in China, then it probably has bigger problems to deal with such as Samsung. According to the latest info, the Korean tech has decided to take the iPhone manufacturer back to court to settle the $400 million damage quote thanks to a successful appeal from Samsung.

Settled Back in 2012, Samsung and Apple Have Until October 25 to Settle a Retrial Date - Analyst Believes 30% Percent Chance in ‘Out of Court’ Settlement

Both Apple and Samsung have until Wednesday to propose a retrial date, but according to intellectual property analyst Florian Mueller, there is about a 30 percent chance the two tech giants will end up settling this matter out of court. This case takes both of the companies way back to 2011 when Apple had successfully sued Samsung for infringing upon the iPhone's patented design, which included its rectangular front face coupled with rounded edges plus a string of color icons.

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Apple claimed damages on the basis of Samsung's entire profit came from the sale of its infringing smartphones, but according to the Korean manufacturer, the amount should be a percentage based on individual components like the front bezel or display. Samsung was ordered to pay Apple $1 billion USD in damages but that amount was watered down to $400 million USD thanks to an army of Samsung lawyers.

According to MacRumors, Apple's statement at the time of the trial is detailed as follows:

“The question before the Supreme Court was how to calculate the amount Samsung should pay for their copying. Our case has always been about Samsung's blatant copying of our ideas, and that was never in dispute. We will continue to protect the years of hard work that has made iPhone the world's most innovative and beloved product. We remain optimistic that the lower courts will again send a powerful signal that stealing isn't right.”

Though Samsung has infringed Apple’s design patents, the question that will matter is how will the damages amount be settled; based on the total profit it made from its smartphones or a percentage of that profit? Looks like we will find out if and when both these companies head to court once more.

News Source: Foss Patents