Evidence Reveals Samsung Is Slowing Down Your Galaxy Smartphone, Benchmarking Apps Are Excluded


There have been multiple instances where phone makers were found limiting the performance of their products, and now, Samsung has been caught in the act. Whether it is to improve battery life, or any other reason, the Korean giant has apparently been throttling the capabilities of thousands of apps, and unsurprisingly, benchmarking apps were excluded from the list.

Samsung’s ‘Game Optimizing Service’ or GOS Appears to Be the Primary Culprit

Thanks to a little digging around, Twitter user GaryeonHan, along with some evidence posted on a Korean forum, around 10,000 apps’ performance have been limited due to Samsung’s Game Optimizing Service (GOS). Even on Samsung’s own community pages, countless Galaxy smartphone owners have been complaining of the same problem, and it did not take long to isolate the reason behind this throttling.

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Most likely, if Galaxy smartphone owners are playing a taxing game, they will run into performance troubles. Unfortunately, the issue is not limited to mobile games, but social media, productivity, and media consumption apps like Instagram, TikTok, Microsoft Office, Google Keep, Netflix, and others. As if things were not terrible enough, Samsung’s GOS has seeped into the company’s suite of applications ranging from Samsung Pay, Samsung Pass, Samsung Cloud, and others.

For obvious reasons, benchmarking apps like Geekbench 5, AnTuTu, 3DMark, and others were not included in the list, nor were they affected as it would release a massive rage wave amongst consumers who are paying a decent amount to get Samsung’s handsets into their ownership. Thankfully, if you are a Galaxy S22 user, chances are you are safe from the performance throttling plague brought by GOS.

As reported by Android Authority, GOS was showing up on a team member’s Galaxy S22 Plus review unit, but the Galaxy Store said the app was not compatible with the smartphone. The app did, however, work with the Galaxy S21 Plus. Samsung would likely have caught wind of what is going on, and we would not be surprised to hear a statement getting published in a few days. We believe the Korean giant’s representatives would conclude that GOS was affecting apps to prolong battery life, as that is usually the case.

Have you been experiencing performance issues with your Galaxy smartphone? For safe measures, check out this link, which shows the list of the apps affected.

News Source: GaryeonHan