Samsung Plans To Bring Almost All Of Its Apps To iOS


Apple and Samsung have been in a state of rivalry for a long while. However, the latter has planned to release almost all of its apps on iOS later this year. The almighty reason for this move is to bring an enhanced cross-platform appeal of its devices that constitutes fitness trackers, speakers and tablets. Samsung already has quite a few apps on on iOS and earlier this month, we did hear that the company is looking forward to adding Gear S2 support on iOS.

Samsung Will Deliver Health, Entertainment And Camera Apps On iOS

According to the accumulated information by SamMobile, the company is said to be working on Gear Fit Manager for iOS. This will allow users with Gear Fit to pair it with their iPhone. Other complimentary apps that will go alongside the Gear Fit Manager includes the company's S Health app that can record workouts, activity, food intake and even sleep. All of this falls under the health and fitness category which will open new dimensions for iOS users, rather than just relying on Apple's stock health app or the Apple Watch.

Samsung is also said to be working on a new Smart Camera app for iPhone. The app will adhere to a complete UI redesign and probably additional features will also be added. The Smart Camera app can also be used as a remote for the company's list of smart cameras. The app can be used to copy videos and photos and can also be used with connected tablets and other smartphones as a viewfinder.

Moreover, you're wrong if you think Samsung has not covered the entertainment category. iOS support for Galaxy View is on the way and to control it, the company is also developing Four Square and Remote Control. This will allow various iPhone users to stream content on movable displays. In terms of audio, the company also plans to release the Level app for its audio devices. This will again delegate iPhone users to control and use Samsung's audio devices.

Samsung's move to introduce its apps on iOS is a bold one. Since the iPhone caters a wide range of users, it might as well be beneficial for Samsung to use them for their own connected devices. Ultimately, this might raise the adoption rate of those products.

This is it for now, folks. What do you think about Samsung bringing its apps on one of its biggest rival's platform? Let us know in the comments.