Samsung Has Plans to Release a Smartphone With a Perfect All-Screen Design, and These Could Arrive Sooner Than You Think

Samsung’s aversion to notches made the company punch a hole in the display of the Galaxy S10 series to house the front camera and while such a design does increase screen real estate, the South Korean behemoth ultimately wants to come out with a phone with a perfect display that’s not marred by any hole or pill-shaped cutout. This isn’t the first time the South Korean behemoth has mentioned this but it will take time before such a smartphone actually materializes.

A Display with an Embedded Sensor Is Challenging to Make and Samsung Will Have Its Hands Full With a Device Like This

Although Samsung is proud of its Infinity-O display, the company is certainly not stopping there and is currently working on a full-screen phone with the camera sensors hidden. However, the company’s R&D Vice President, Yang Byung-duk, says that such a design will take a year or two at least. Back in October 2018, the company gave a presentation in which it said that it wants to maximize screen real estate by using technologies such is an in-display fingerprint reader, under-display camera sensors, in-display speakers, and haptic display technologies.

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While the in-display fingerprint reader made a debut with the Galaxy S10 series, we might see the Galaxy Note 10 sport a sound emitting display. However, as Samsung said, placing camera sensors beneath the display is a little tricky and the company will need more time to perfect its design and engineering process.

The two-year timeframe given by the company is not a definitive one and it could be years before handsets with under-display front cameras are released. Don’t forget that the company had also been working on a foldable device for almost a decade and it is only now gone onto release one. The Galaxy Fold is most likely going to have its own problems, such as a creasing screen and thick dimensions, and it could take several more years before Samsung perfects the design of this product, while also keeping the price of the handset in check.

Putting a camera beneath the display could prove as, if not more, challenging and would require the company to ensure that the functionality and performance of the sensors is not affected. While Samsung is attempting to manufacture a perfect display, other OEMs have been trying to eliminate ports and buttons for a more seamless design. This means that in the future, smartphones will have more of a unibody design with no design elements.

For now, Samsung will continue churning out displays with punch-hole cameras and perhaps one day, the Korean manufacturer will have its ‘Eureka’ moment when it finally perfects that all-screen design.

News Source: Yonhap

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