Samsung and HTC Devices Banned from Futuremark after getting Caught Cheating in Benchmarks

Usman Pirzada

Well, this seems to happening more and more frequently. Samsung and HTC have been banned from Futuremark's Scores because the giants were caught rigging benchmark tests. The current status of the ban can be checked here. At the time of writing certain high end Samsung and HTC devices have been blacklisted.
3d Mark Benchmark

Futuremark takes action against Benchmark Rigging - Samsung and HTC Devices banned in the process.

So heres what happened. Apparently the new bath of Samsung and HTC devices were rigged to give a bloated benchmark score. They managed this by a hidden code overclocking and removing any throttling to the CPU and GPU as soon as a known benchmarking program was detected. The result? Scores started increasing by around 20%, naturally this is not  an accurate representation of the phones capability since you cannot run a CPU GPU, overclocked and throttled due to overheating and other complications. Also the same performance would NOT be available to the user while running Games and Applications. Thus the power was reserved solely for benchmark rigging.
Samsung HTC Banned Futuremark

The only reason Futuremark discovered the code was because devices that had exactly the same hardware as the Samsung and HTC were getting lesser scores than their counterparts. So yeah folks, brand names don't automatically give you more processing power. Here's what futuremark's president had to say:

“People rely on Futuremark benchmarks to produce accurate and unbiased results. That’s why we have clear rules for hardware manufacturers and software developers that specify how a platform can interact with our benchmark software,” Futuremark President Oliver Baltuch said in a statement. “In simple terms, a device must run our benchmarks without modification as if they were any other application.” Source - VRZone.


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