Samsung Has Fallen Down in Its Global Brand Value This Year

Samsung Has Fallen Down in Its Global Brand Value This Year
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There is no denying that Samsung is one of the biggest companies worldwide capable of delivering all sorts of products that one can imagine. For a company like Samsung, the global brand value is important as well; it serves as a brand's recognition and perception among consumers and people in general around the world. Companies like Samsung, Apple, and several more spend millions and even billions in marketing and brand building that helps their brand equity and makes it even better.

Despite being one of the largest brands in the world, Samsung's position in the top 100 brands across the world has fallen a bit as compared to the last year. The latest marketing research shows this decline in Samsung's brand value, but there is not much to worry about for Samsung.

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Samsung Falls Down to 42nd Spot from 40th This Year

British market researcher Kantar has released a list of the top 100 most valuable global brands, and it notes that the total value of all brands combined has increased by 42%, reaching over $ 7 trillion. This has shown incredible growth for the most famous brands in the world despite the toll that the pandemic took.

Amazon remains the most valuable brand globally and has grown by 64% to reach the brand value of $684 billion this year alone. Samsung has been part of the list for a long time, but it has not achieved the top ten at the time of writing. Currently, Samsung is sitting on the 42nd most valuable brand globally; the company had lost two places on the list since last year when it was on the 40th on the global brand value.

The report estimates that Samsung's brand value is around $46.8 billion. At the same time, it has done in terms of dollars because it still represents a 44% increase in its monetary brand value. Now, Samsung has lost 2 spots because there are now 13 new companies on the list. You have Nvidia with $105 billion, having a brand value greater than Samsung.

If you look at the countries, then the United States remains the largest contributor to the list of brands with 74 companies from the U.S. in a list of 100 companies.

Do you think Samsung losing two spots is going to influence your decision in any way?

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