Samsung Galaxy Users are Reporting a Broken Dark Mode

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Samsung Galaxy smartphones are pretty far on the top when it comes to having excellent software. That, combined with Samsung's relentless dedication towards improving the software, it is safe to say that One UI is one of the best Android skins available in the market. However, every now and then, there is a strange bug that confuses the lot.

We are talking about Dark Mode, a feature Google introduced with Android 10. This feature was available in other OEMs, but Google bringing it to Android meant everyone had to have it. Samsung's own implementation of Dark Mode is pretty fantastic, however, it seems that the new bug is causing the dark mode to not work in Google's own app.

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Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Are Randomly Losing Dark Mode in Google's App

Now the issue is random at best. A user on Reddit reported that the dark mode is behaving erratically on their Galaxy S20. Another user did corroborate with the original statement but later revealed that it started working on its own. At first, this appeared to be an issue on the Galaxy S20 only, but then SamMobile reported that the same issue was happening on their Galaxy A70s, as well.

To test it, I launched the Google app on my Galaxy S20 Plus as well, and it appears that the dark mode is not functioning, even though the rest of the device has dark mode working just fine. I have it scheduled to turn on after 6 in the evening and it did not turn on. However, after rebooting the device and then updating the app, it worked, but then it stopped working again for a while.

At the moment, it appears that the bug is in Google's app rather than Samsung's software. As tinkering with the app does seem to fix the issue.

Samsung Galaxy

We are still waiting for Google to release an update which should fix the issue altogether.

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy device which has a broken dark mode for Google's app? Let us know how you have managed to fix that.

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