Samsung’s Galaxy S9 & S9+ Might Feature BOTH 3D Facial Recognition, Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor; Detailed Specifications Posted By First Timer


Right now, it's all about the iPhone X. Apple's anniversary smartphone introduces upgrades and features already present on Android for years. Save Face ID, the iPhone X doesn't really offer anything new. The device's front is a nice departure from the lineup's traditional look, but it was expected given edge to edge proliferation this year. And it's iOS 11 that shines in the background, lighting up the iPhone in its wake. So right now, we've got what might be a major Galaxy S9 leak for you. Take a look below to find out more.

 Apparent Galaxy S9 Leak Shares A Lot Of Details For Samsung's 2018 Flagship - Including Virtual Fingerprint Recognition

The big hype this year wasn't edge to edge displays. It wasn't even facial recognition. Rather, at the start, it was widely rumored that we'd finally get under the display fingerprint recognition. The Galaxy S8/S8+ were widely expected to feature it. But, apparently, Samsung couldn't develop the tech in time. The result? An awkwardly placed rear fingerprint sensor, partly due to a button free front.

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However, now, we just, just might get under the screen fingerprint recognition with the Galaxy S9. News for the device is sparse, which isn't surprising as we've got a lot of time left till its launch. Things usually pick up in pace and accuracy in December. However, if you discount the latter, then we get plenty of information. Today, a new source has surfaced, posting renders and specifications for the next Galaxy S.

The images above are shared on Twitter, by user jPzamora. Right now, there's no way to guarantee their authenticity. We could make similar images and add our expected specifications along them too. Additional, jP shares them with the tagline ''dimensions and initial leaked information''. That said, he makes some very interesting claims. Out of these, two are particularly eye catching. According to this information, the S9 and S9+ might feature both facial and virtual fingerprint recognition.

The latter is still under testing and we might get rear fingerprint sensing once again next year. However, if Samsung beats Apple to the virtual fingerprint punch, Cupertino will lose bragging rights for innovation. For the former, there are rumors that Seoul is 'reverse-engineering' FaceID. Don't take them concretely, as Samsung might simply use Qualcomm's solution. Finally, the pair won't feature an earphone jack, so 3.5mm is slowly making its way out. Take a look at the dimensions above as well. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

News Source: jPzamora