Samsung Will Be Hitting Storage Market Hard With 6.4 TB SSDs With Very High Speeds

In addition to dominating the smartphone market, South Korean tech company Samsung also plans on dominating the storage market with high capacity SSDs that will boast insane read and write speeds. In order to carry out its plan to the very end, Samsung has introduced its latest TLC (triple level cell) 3D V-NAND flash memory for enterprises. While these storage products will cost you an arm and a leg, these next generation products will also carry capacities of 6.4 TB, and accompanying that high capacity will be performance, endurance and reliability.

Upcoming 6.4 TB SSDs From Samsung Can Boast Speeds Of 5.5 GB/s, Ushering A New Stage Of Storage Performance For Enterprises

The latest information from Kitguru reveals that Samsung has been putting tremendous amounts of efforts in snaring the SSD market for itself. The company’s upcoming storage peripherals will feature NVMe protocol, which will provide protection to data present inside these products if there are sporadic power outages taking place in that area. One of the reasons why these SSDs will be able to deliver such impressive speeds is because they will be inserted in PCI-e 3.0 x8 slots of your system’s motherboard.

Samsung has named its flagship enterprise SSD as PM1725. Featuring a compact form factor, these drives will be available to purchase in the 3.2 TB or 6.4 TB storage models and will have read and write endurance that will last for 32 TBs per day, for five years straight. Additionally, PM1725 will also be able to reach sequential read speeds of 5500 MB/s, and write speeds of 1800 MB/s.

According to the source, Jim Elliott, the Corporate Vice President of Samsung Semiconductor has said the following:

“We are providing high-end capabilities and capacities for all of our latest SSDs, something we believe will elicit a high degree of interest from OEMs and computer enthusiasts throughout the world. We understand the performance needs of our customers in a rapidly expanding SSD universe and are determined to meet those needs.”

Unfortunately, the individual did not care to divulge the pricing details of Samsung PM1725. Just to remind you, if these drives are meant for enterprises, then they will definitely be carrying a very hefty price tag. We will get to know more about the pricing details of these storage peripherals so stay tuned for more.

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