Samsung Copies iOS 16 Lock Screen Customization Features in the Latest One UI 5.0 Beta

Furqan Shahid
Samsung Copies iOS 16 Lock Screen Customization Features in the Latest One UI 5.0 Beta

One of the main features of iOS 16 is the lock screen customization feature. The feature, combined with the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro gives a fresh take on how you can customize your lock screen and create something that is truly your own without any issues. Now, it seems like Samsung has copied some features and introduced them in the latest One UI 5.0 beta.

Sure, some Android manufacturers have tried to mock Dynamic Island through software. Samsung has decided to take things a step further and used a similar method of customizing your lock screen, the method that looks very similar to the one that we see on iOS 16/iPhone 14 phones.

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The similarity was spotted by Vaibhav Jain who shared the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra next to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, and yes, we can spot the similarities.

Now, it is very, very important to know that this feature is nothing new for Samsung either. You see, Samsung allows for a whole host of customization via the Good Lock module. Installing that grants you more clock faces, and more ways to customise your lock screen. So, the main difference here is the fact that One UI 5.0 now has the same customization built in, and that should not be an issue.

However, if you dig deeper, you do start to notice that Samsung did indeed copy iOS 16. Even Vaibhav pointed it out that Good Lock was never officially part of Samsung's UI, it was more like a module that you would have to install separately.

Sure, we did know that One UI 5.0/Android 13 was going to be heavy on customization but this is not something that one could simply consider a bad timing for Samsung to bring this feature out. The One UI 5.0 is still in the beta stage, so we will have to wait for Samsung to actually release the update and see what has changed.

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