Saints Row, Metro: Last Light and Darksiders All Go DRM Free on GOG


More publishers are partnering with GOG in order to release their games sans-DRM. Nordic Games and Deep Silver are now allowing their games on the GOG market without any DRM to speak of.

GOG now has the Saints Row franchise, Metro: Last Light Redux and the Darksiders franchise, all being offered with significant discounts at the moment.

The move isn't really surprising at all, given the demand for less DRM and less ties to specific game launchers and platforms. It's good to see that different publishers are willing to work with GOG, or on their own, to release their games without DRM. It's a lofty step because there is still a perceived level of risk even though DRM doesn't really stop anyone from stealing.

The following games are now available, ready for your consumption at a hefty introduction discount.

--Metro: Last Light Redux (-50%) - The 2014 remastered re-release of the blockbuster horror/FPS set in post-apocalyptic Moscow.

--Saints Row 2 (-60%) - The surprise cult hit that reinvigorated the open-world action-adventure genre with its unique sprinkle of quirk. Complete with the GOG.com treatment to greatly improve performance on modern PCs.

--Saints Row: The Third (-66%) - Quirk overload. The massively popular open-world action-adventure that flipped a genre on its head.

--Darksiders + Darksiders 2 (Up to 75% off) - Hack and slash done right. Become a horseman of the apocalypse and fight as Death himself.

All five releases (and extra DLC package for Darksiders 2) are discounted for one whole week, that's until Monday, May 18 at 12:59 PM GMT.