Rumor: Sony to add CD-Key registeration with upcoming games for PS3

Rizwan Anwer

In the recent spread of piracy on the PS3 Sony MIGHT just take what one would call a very desperate measure, they are going to implement a CD Key registration system just like Steam. While the CD-Key registration system is currently only a few games on the PS3 for online (Bad Company 2 VIP code is an example) but I consider this a bit stupid on the end of Sony, and if this rumor turns out to be true I might just sell my PS3.

Hopefully they will find an alternative to the cd key solution and might instead implement something a little more practical like being signed into PSN when before starting a game and letting the game register with the PSN server or making games require newer firmwares like 3.60 and so forth.

Whatever Sony decides I hope it doesn't come to the worst.

Source: Thinq

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