Rockstar getting zombie fever with Undead Nightmare?

Rizwan Anwer

Red Dead Redemption, a time of the wild west when things were simple, people rode on horses and trains, used guns to solve matters, zombies running amok every where. Well everything except for the last part is true but I guess Rockstar has finally caught a case of zombie fever and are now releasing what could be their finest DLC yet after Liars and Cheats. Undead Nightmare brings a LOT of new things to the Red Dead Redemption world the main object being ZOMBIES.

It seems that the backstory of this DLC is that a zombie virus has broken out in the wild west and John has to fight off zombies for his survival.

some of the prime features of this DLC will be

  • 8 Multiplayer zombie characters
  • New Events
  • Mythical Creatures
  • New Weapons
  • New single player missions and challenges
  • Zombie animals are unleashed
  • new game mechanics
  • New secret location

With a Price tag of 800 Microsoft Points and $10.00 on PlayStation Network this DLC is a must get if you don't own any of the other DLC because of the fact that it brings zombies into the game. The DLC is dated for late October. Here is an official trailer to give you an idea of things to come.

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