Thermaltake is one of the biggest names in technology when it comes to computers. The Taiwan based company is a leading manufacturer of computer casings, power supplies and cooling solutions. Well that was the past. Thermaltake has now stepped up as a competitor of gaming peripherals including keyboards, mice and headsets and is ready to rage the battle against Razer, Steel Series and Logitech.

Thermaltake launched Tt eSPORTS as a brand for its gaming range in 2010, ready to target the hardcore enthusiasts. Theron is a high end gaming mouse of Tt eSPORTS range with which we have been privileged. Let’s take a deeper look at Thermaltake’s asset and would it successfully outclass Razer and others with its awe-inspiring characteristics?


Thermaltake’s Theron comes in an intricate red and black box with an image of the mouse upfront. Opening the box like a book you can see the black beast residing in a transparent packing with the features contained on the cover page saying ‘Stim Your Gaming Experience’. Opening the box you can take out the transparent packing containing the mouse.

Along with the mouse you get a manual, driver and software installation for customizing your mouse, warranty policy, Thermaltake (Tt eSPORTS) logo stickers in a cardboard packing. A black soft case with a huge Thermaltake (Tt eSPORTS) red logo is also included which you can use as a mouse pad or a personal case if you wish to, all lying underneath the transparent plastic packing containing the mouse.


Before proceeding let’s take a look at the technical specifications of the mouse.

  • T.P.G. (Tt Pro Grade) Gaming Laser Sensor 5600 DPI Engine.
  • 100 - 5600 DPI Adjustable: Fully Functional on Most Surfaces.
  • 1.8 meters Braided USB Cable with Gold-Plated Connector.
  • 40 Fully Customizable Macro Keys for RTS/FPS Game Genres.
  • Superb Customizable Graphical UI for Macro Keys, Advanced Performance, and Lighting-Effect Options.
  • 7 Colors of Pause-Break Lighting Effect on the Dragon logo
  • Side-light color changes by clicking frequency during Battle mode
  • Industrial Grade Rubber-Coating Finish for better Hand Grip.
  • Polling rate switch button (125/500/1000 Hz cycle), and Function-Lock Button provided to disable side button functions.
  • On-Board 128kb Memory Storage for 40 Macro Keys within 5 Game Profiles.
  • Weight-In Design for Perfect Handling Mouse Movement
  •  5 x 4.5g, up to 22.5g max
  • Body Dimension (LxWxH): 123.65 X 73.8 X 40.2 (mm)

Theron: The Look

Let’s proceed to the most exciting part without any further delay that is checking out the mouse from a closer perspective. Starting from the top the mouse contains a mouse wheel right in the center, outlined with a white region that lightens up. Beneath the mouse wheel are two buttons arranged in a column. These are the multi-level sensitivity control buttons which allow you to change the sensitivity right from 100DPI to 5600DPI. At the bottom of the top surface is an artistic Thermaltake (Tt eSPORTS) logo that lights up. On the left side of the logo is a small transparent cut through which you can see the infrared lasers inside the mouse.

On the left of the mouse are two keys for forward and back respectively.

The right side of the mouse contains the customizable macro key.

The bottom and the most important part of the mouse contains two buttons and a switch. The switch is the function lock/unlock switch which allows you to turn on or off the function of side buttons. The left button stores up to 45 Macro keys within 5 gamer profiles and can be used to switch between profiles. The right button is the polling rate switch button which allows you to switch between a frequency of 125/500/1000Hz cycles.


The mouse has a compact, artistic shape and it is made up of a soft rubber coating that gives you an immaculate grip. The lower edges of the mouse are surrounded by white structures which have the ability to light up along with the logo and mouse wheel lining giving an attractive look to the mouse. The weight of the mouse is also normal which gives it a perfect movement.

Gaming Experience:

The deciding factor, no matter how awesome a mouse looks, is for sure its performance. I used the mouse to play Battlefield 3, Counter-Strike and Modern Warfare 3 on a wooden table surface without any mouse pad in order to fully test out the ‘most surfaces’ specification. The mouse worked quite well at all sensitivity levels, providing a smooth free look and aim precision in all the games. At 5000DPI it got quite shaky but controlling the polling frequency stabilized it.

As far as the surface is concerned I also used Razer Abysus on the same surface but Theron stole the show quite frankly with its smooth and precise movement at 3000DPI and its fine lightning (discussed later under software).


The software installation disc is a part of the package as told earlier and it allows you to customize your mouse and adjust other performance settings. The software has a simple GUI and is very simple to use. It can also be downloaded from the official Tt eSPORTS website.


You can choose between 7 ecstatic colors namely, red, blue, turquoise, green, yellow, magenta and ice blue. Choose the one that best suits your mood and gaming environment. You can also choose between the Normal and Battle lightning modes. In Battle lightning modes the lightning depends on the clicking frequency.


You can also set the functions of various buttons including the mouse wheel and the Macro key and save up to 40 keys in 5 gamer profiles through an easy GUI of the software. For the Macro key you can select any command provided from the list.

Performance Tweak:

You can also adjust the performance of your mouse which includes sensitivity, polling rate, double click speed, cursor speed etc. The maximum DPI level is 5700 and you can also select between polling rates of 125/500/1000Hz.


It’s a great mouse. It offers a lot of features for example the lightning options, high DPI range, a sleek and stylish design and the performance is not that bad as well after all when you compare it with Razer’s Abysus. The mouse has a strong grip and it doesn’t flee away during rigorous movement. Also the movement of cursor is smooth and precise even at a high DPI if the polling rate is adjusted as well.

The only negative aspect of the mouse is its functional keys which are pressed of and on even with the slightest of touches which causes difficulties and it takes a long time for you to adjust to these functional buttons.

In my opinion it was a good experience as a gamer using this mouse and I am completely satisfied with Thermaltake’s effort. We are yet to see tantalizing gaming mice, keyboards and headsets from Tt eSPORTS in the future as this is just the beginning of yet another classical brand.

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