Razer Vespula Dual Surface Mousepad Review



We recently reviewed the Razer Abyssus and Imperator, two gaming mice targeted at completely different audience. While every gaming mouse has something to offer to anyone, it's at the end of the day a strictly personal choice and it depends on the end user. What's you cup of tea will not necessarily be mine. The same can be said of mousepads. There are thousands of them out there. They come in different shapes, size and surface and choosing the right one means choosing one that suits your particular style of game play. But they are of the utmost importance. If you have a mousepad that doesn't suit you then regardless of how good your mouse is, you wont feel comfortable and you will under perform in games.

Today we have the Razer Vespula, a dual sided mouse pad aimed at a gamer who wants control and speed in one mousepad. As an added bonus, Razer throws in a wrist pad to makes things comfortable. But does it offer something that other gaming mousepads don't? Lets find out.

Build & Performance


The mousepad comes in a slim cardboard box. The front is half transparent which shows off a bit of the pad itself. The rear is full of specs and features.


The Vespula is a very sleek and attractive looking mousepad. On first looks you can clearly see this isn't your average square/rectangle shaped pad.

One of the defining features of this mousepad is its dual sided surface. Unlike other mousepads like the Razer Goliathus, where you have to chose whether you want a control edition or the speed edition, the Vespula comes with both.


The two sides, speeds and precision, are two very distinct surfaces. The precision side is much grainier and offers more control over the mouse movement. It's perfect for snipers or other situations where you'd want more control and better feel of the mouse movements. And because of the grainy surface, moving the mouse the same distance on this side will move the cursor at a less distance as compared to the speed side.


Flip over and you'll find the speed side. It's a lot smoother, almost like glass and offers a very 'gliding' experience. It's perfect for when you'd want fast and zippy movements. Being a sniper myself I found this side to be a little too slick. Rocketeers will love it though.


The large groove at the bottom is for the optional wrist pad. Whatever Razer decided to fill the pad up with, it's at the end of the day just about the most uncomfortable rest pad I've ever used. It's extremely firm and shows no sign of softening up with use. Its also way too big which makes for a really uncomfortable wrist position. I immediately threw it away.


One of the downsides of this mouse was its size. It seemed as if this was made for gamers on the go or LAN parties. I found the size to be a bit on the smaller size. It's no problem for high sensitivity gamers, but for low sensitivity gamers such as myself, you can reach the end of the pad before you realise.


The vespula is certainly one of the more interesting mousepads available for gamers today. It offers two surfaces for distinct game play styles and comes with an optional wrist pad. It's small enough to be taken to LAN parties however since it has a plastic base, it cant be folded away. Compared to my goliathus there was certainly a different feel to the mouse even though my goliathus was a control edition and on the vespula I mainly used the precision side. The difference can be attributed to the fact that the goliathus is a cloth based pad and the vespula is a hard surface.

And in the end it all comes down to user preference. If you're used to hard surfaces you will love the vespula, its dual surfaces certainly add more utility to it compared to other mousepads.


  • Sleek looking
  • Dual Surfaces
  • Wrist pad included


  • Wrist pad is useless
  • Expensive
  • Small in size

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